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ANA is the latest work by Montreal audiovisual artist Ouananiche. This musical video performance live mix the cult film phenomenon AMER, directed by genre film darlgings Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani. A live audio/visual performance of an extreme sensuality, intersecting film, video art, music, and media art.

ANA delves into the delirious memory of a troubled woman, as if, at the treshold of death, we are invited into a vision of her life, played out in obsessive motifs : sex, imprisonment, old age, water, paranoia, death. Her souvenirs are interlaced in a spiral of sensations, phantasmagoric desires, subliminal reminiscences, all within the organized frenzy of schizophrenia..

Immersive, somber, insistent, Ouananiche's audiovisual performance explores the body and the noises it generates as well as the intimate interaction between image and sound to nearly imperceptible limits. Every frame is a sound, every note is a picture. The performance re-composes a woman's memory through sounds that are distorted, wound up, split, and fractured in a completely unedited score. A dark, unpredictable and immersive half-hour.

Live... cinema? After years spent playing in clubs and parties, Ouananiche is now invading movie theaters. As his audiovisual instrument allows him to manipulate sounds and images in real time ina broadcast quality, he wants to bring back live hapennings in theaters. It's an opportunity for him to play on the best set-up as possible, and for cinemas to surprise their audience with something they never did before.




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ANA by Ouananiche

produced with post-production support provided by PRIM in the context of the joint residency program PRIM - Eastern Bloc

with the generous permission of :


directed by Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani


Thanks to FL Studio and Resolume for supporting this project