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Hub Session

JANUARY 18 2013 - 7pm - free entry

The initial goal of the Hub Session project was to unite a series of artists - issued from diverse cultures and practices - in order to produce a work at the crossroads of different mediums. Musicians, graphic artists, visual artists and videographers from four countries (Belgium, Canada, France and China) became acquainted with each other in order to collaborate in the realization of a form that would be at once novel and pluralistic. It should be noted that the contexts proposed during the two previous residencies - in China and in Belgium - well and truly conditioned the proposition. The spatial (concert hall and theatre) and material (projection screens, sound diffusion systems) typologies directed the work of the artists towards performances, systematically frontal in nature.

In Montreal, the work residency will possess as its goal the creation of a completely new spatial configuration. The premises of Eastern Bloc will act as a revelation of the totality of potentialities. The spatial diaspora will serve as a guide, an architecture of the renewed project. The theme of dispersion will constitute the skeleton of the work. A cosmological score will englobe the different practices within a unified whole, while carrying in itself an aesthetic of the initial explosion, of complexity, of negative entropy.

The artists are:

  • Jason Arsenault (QC)
  • Cédric Chabuel (QC)
  • Hugues Clément (QC)
  • Hugejiletu Morinhur (CN)
  • Song Yuzhe (CN)
  • Jérôme Colleyn (BE)
  • Sébastien Lacomblez (BE)
  • Caroline Derselle (BE)
  • Pierre Constant (BE)
  • Claire Payement (FR)


About the project

For the final creation and dissemination stage of multidisciplinary art project Hub Session, an initiative that assembles musicians, graphic artists, visual artists and videographers from Quebec, the French-speaking community of Belgium, China and France, LOJIQ is entering into a partnership with production and exhibition center Eastern Bloc, an organization specialized in digital arts, in order to present to the public at large an exclusive representation of the creative work that has been accomplished during the past year. This exclusive event will take place on January 18th at 7pm at Eastern Bloc.

From January 7th-20th, the artists will be in Montreal to pursue the creative residency born out of the initiative of LOJIQ, Bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ), Délégation Walonie-Bruxelles à Pékin and the ASBL Phase B. After having worked together within the French-speaking community of Belgium in the spring of 2011, followed by China in the fall, the ten artists (three Quebecers, four Franco-Belgians, two Chinese and one French) produced a transdisciplinary creation at the crossroads of electroacoustic music, media arts and other artistic innovations. This transdisciplinary work was presented to the public at the end of each residency.

Hub Session past presentations :

  • 5 Novembre 2011 - Star Theater - Pékin (Chine)
  • 20 Mai 2011 - Halles de Schaerbeek - Bruxelles (Be)
  • 19 Mai 2011 - Cinex - Namur (Be)