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Realisation - Friday night at the video store - NFB interactive

Mommy, what's a video store?

Friday Night at the Video Store, directed by Cédric Chabuel and Alexandra Viau, is a tribute to this gathering place wich created an explosion in the number of movie-lovers, developed local video production and, for a long time, mirrored societal change. After witnessing on video store after another fall on the field of battle, the directors wanted to preserve a record of the brief existence of these local businesses, victims of changing lifestyles and technologies. Their project is an archeological study of an illusive present, perched on the tipping point between the past and the future.

Friday Night at the Video Store is an interactive documentary that takes a playful look behind the scenes of five video stores, popular neighborhood shops now threatened by the ultra-proximity of our computer screens. Independant storekeepers, clinging to their dream of keeping the video rental industry alive, are placed in the spotlight. Their personal stories shed light on the major, still mostly immeasurable transformations created in our lives by the internet. The accessibility and the humanity of these places transcend the financial difficulties experienced by what may well be the last corner video stores.

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