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sound design - Ying Jia - onf interactif

Montreal, April 2, 2012 – The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has launched the online photo essay Ying Jia, Corner Store in La Petite Patrie at nfb.ca/cornerstore. It chronicles the story of the Lu family from China, now the owners of a convenience store in Montreal's Petite Patrie neighbourhood. The essay can also be accessed on tablet computers.

Photographer Dominique Lafond and journalist Judith Lussier met the Lu family in 2009 while scouring the province, looking for convenience store owners for their book Sacré dépanneur!, published by Héliotrope. They were moved by the Chinese family's story and their experiences integrating into the Petite Patrie neighbourhood, where they set up shop at the corner of Rosemont Boulevard and De La Roche Street. Their business venture is representative of a strong trend in Quebec: one-sixth of all convenience stores in the province are owned by Chinese. Through an exploration of such issues as immigration, integration, language and the generation gap, we discover and share the daily lives of the Lu family members, who live upstairs from their store. Before buying the business, Mr. Lu was a civil engineer in China and now has other plans for his daughter's future. Divided into five chapters—change, reality, roots, language and values—the photo essay serves as a reminder that behind every corner store counter is the story of a family.

Produced as part of a partnership agreement between the NFB and the Quebec daily Le Devoir, Ying Jia, Corner Store in La Petite Patrie can also be accessed at ledevoir.com, the online version of the newspaper, which published a report to complement the photo essay. This is the fourth in a series of interactive essays that have been featured since fall 2011.


Journaliste : Judith Lussier
Photographe : Dominique Lafond
Conception sonore et musicale : Cédric Chabuel
Design et développement web : Deux Huit Huit